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    Valuable tool in analytical process

    "Bluenomics data and charts have become a valuable tool in our analytical process focused on multi-country macroeconomic development. The smart features and robust functionality of the Bluenomics application increased our effectiveness in tracking CEE, global developed and emerging-market countries. We appreciate highly the ease of comparison across countries, and the complexity and reliability of the data and charts, which are available in one place."

    Ondřej Matuška, Board Member and Senior Portfolio Manager,

    Great user-friendly platform

    "Bluenomics delivers what we have been looking for: all the data and statistics we need for our internal use or for our clients in one place, presented on a great user-friendly platform that is easy to find and to work with. Helpful and time-saving when preparing market overviews, sector analyses and economic background presentations.”

    Martin Dytrych, Business Consultant,

    Most helpful tool is the dynamic download

    "We have been using Bluenomics at Česká spořitelna since the very beginning of this project. We appreciate greatly the fact that we have all relevant statistical data from different sources in one place and that we can rely on them. The most helpful tool we use is the dynamic download. I can recommend Bluenomics to all professionals working in the financial sector.”

    Jan Jedlička, Head of EU Office,

    Valuable service for academics

    "In a relatively short time, Bluenomics has established a valuable service for academic teaching and research. Students and researchers benefit enormously from the ready-made availability of a wealth of statistical data and analysis. Bluenomics has thus become an integral part of academic research. I therefore recommend it strongly for application on a wide scale.”

    Prof. Emil J. Kirchner, Department of Government,

    Perfect help for tight deadline assignments

    "I have enjoyed Bluenomics since the first time I tried it. It was the perfect help for tight deadline assignments. The platform allows for easy data collection from a variety of sources, thus facilitating cross-country comparisons or in-depth macroeconomic analyses.”

    Roxana Hulea, Corporate Emerging Markets Strategist at

    A very reliable source

    "I work as an Institutional and Private Wealth Advisor within Sub-Saharan Africa. The advice to my clients is built around an analysis of the Global Economic Environment, especially Africa. Bluenomics is a very reliable source of qualitative and quantitative information on which I depend.”

    John Taabavi, CEO at