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    "Having worked as an economist/analyst since 1996, I keep encountering the same old problems time and again:

    • I need data but find it difficult/expensive/time-consuming to get what I want.

    • I want to see how the economic indicators have changed over time.

    • I want to compare developments internationally and rank countries by various factors.
    • I want to download data into MS Excel and update with a single click.

    As an economist/analyst, I find these needs so elementary and was wondering: Why is there no website providing such easy access to economic time series?

    Clients and friends also often asked me to provide this kind of information, and years down the line, I decided to create precisely this website myself.

    With the support of a small, but very strong team, BLUENOMICS was born.”

    Anne-Françoise Blüher, founder

    More transparency

    We believe that many economic crises have been largely due to an insufficient overview/understanding of what is going on in the economy. Many sources publish macroeconomic data, but people don't often know where to look for it or how to read the data. Even for professional analysts, the gathering of data can be very time-consuming and/or expensive. Our project aims to improve the situation and increase transparency by making it easier to identify macroeconomic imbalances and helping to understand their underlying causes.

    Easy to use

    We wish to provide a platform where anyone can easily find macroeconomic data in an unbiased and understandable way. Data from several public sources (e.g. the World Bank, Eurostat) is arranged not only according to key economic areas (e.g. GDP, inflation and public finance), but also according to economic themes seeking to give support in answering fundamental questions such as "What is the risk profile of a country?". The site's navigation is prepared in such a way that visitors can retrieve the information they are looking for easily and quickly.

    Accessible for everyone

    We want to give access to our site to as many people as possible. Most of the data (in the form of graphs and tables) is accessible free of charge. Chart downloads and definitions are accessible for free. We charge only for certain thematically arranged data pages, for international comparison and for downloading tables and time series. We want to keep the pages user-friendly and as straightforward as possible. Moreover, we want to remain independent.